The Pobeda TV channel is a new large-scale project of the Digital Telefamily of Channel One for the 75th anniversary of Victory of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

It broadcasts classics of Soviet military cinema, Russian films and TV series, documentaries about the Great Patriotic War; new styles of programs of our own production, based on previously unknown archival documents and materials. Certificates of our veterans; interviews with historians and experts; family memories of the participants of the “Immortal Regiment” action, as well as the finds and discoveries of archives search teams.

The Pobeda TV channel tells us everything about the most important event of last century national history – the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


Watch all of our programmes for free with Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13°Est satellite.

Novy Mir TV

The Novy Mir TV channel is the first Russian-language TV channel in Germany with its own news programs and weather forecast.
This channel began broadcasting on February 14, 2016 on the HotBird satellite and immediately became the favorite family channel of millions of viewers.

The channel’s main audience is more than 3 million people, mainly the Russian-speaking diaspora in Germany but not only.
At the end of 2016, Novy Mir expanded its satellite audience with other users. The channel is widely known in all EU countries, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Canada and CIS countries.
With a high-quality broadcasting network, over 60% of the channel’s airtime is occupied by entertainment content: the best feature films, the latest TV series and sitcoms, favorite Soviet movies, infotainment programs and exclusive shows from popular bloggers.

This channel can be received in the all Europe region, through the Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13°Est satellite, and viewers can enjoy all of it for free.


The NTV television company is the largest Russian independent television company.

NTV Mir channel offers a wide range of informational, educational and entertainment programs that can interest the widest range of viewers.

This channel can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa region, through the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7°W satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.

CurrentTime 1

Do you need to follow the news in former Soviet bloc countries and get correct, impartial, up to date information regarding hot button issues not covered by the local press of those countries? Tune into Current Time 1 on Hotbird, broadcasting continuously since 2014. This television channel offers a daily detailed and complete review of the real news in the region through live hits, news updates, discussion and analysis with the goal of presenting all of the facts with as much objectivity as possible.

Curent Time 1 was born from a desire on the part of its founders to present a truly impartial and uncensored version of the news. Thus, the channel fearlessly broaches controversial topics frequently pushed to the side by official media channels. Current Time 1 offers a responsible dialogue around these hot topics by giving multiple different parties the opportunity to be heard and express and defend their point of view. A rare occurrence in journals, magazines and on television in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and even Russia, where freedom of the press is often very limited.

In its programming schedule, Current Time 1 offers a daily news program, as well as several shows which analyse, interpret and discuss current events based above all on the facts as they stand.

Belarus 24

Belarus 24 is a general Belarusian public television channel owned by the state. It was launched in 2005, with the main objective being to offer Belarusian citizens living abroad the opportunity to follow current in-country news in detail, as well as to be able to access the main programmes available on the national networks. The programmes are therefore varied but also include the standard news and weather bulletins, as well as a variety of television series. Political programmes, documentaries and children’s cartoons among others are also available to viewers. Belarus 24 works with highly professional journalists and the mix of programmes broadcast are of excellent quality. The channel offers expatriates the chance to monitor and keep up to date with local news in their home Belarus, from the countries they are currently living in. The news is not pre-recorded meaning that viewers can stay informed as and when important events happen. Belarus 24 appeals to the whole family whatever the individual’s age. Whether it is cartoons for the children, a favourite drama series or a political debate, there is something for everyone to sit back and relax in front of. No matter the length of your stay abroad, Belarus 24 will quickly turn into your regular television channel where staying in touch with local Belarusian affairs is concerned.

Channel One Russia

Channel One Russia Worldwide is a top Russian television channel that was first launched in 2006. It’s the TV version of a famous Russian radio programme. With its exciting variety of high quality programmes and foreign music videos, the Channel One Russia Worldwide channel is ideal for those people interested in TV series and movies. By broadcasting music throughout the day in France, viewers of all ages can enjoy music, artists, actors and dancers performing their favourite songs. Channel One Russia Worldwide is broadcast in French with lots of interesting news, entertainment and documentary style programmes to enjoy. It’s also a very interactive channel which already appeals to many viewers. The chain SAT.TV also has a reputation for providing excellent quality programmes in Russia like “Stars in Shock with Sergey Zverev”, great entertainment, “UK News”, a dedicated top news programme, lifestyle documentaries and “SpilbergVLOG” which offers some of the best videos from the net. Channel One Russia Worldwide has an exciting programme schedule broadcast in high definition, glorious colour and crystal clear sound. It’s not surprising that Channel One Russia Worldwide has attracted loyal audiences who are hungry for music, world news and the latest scoop on the ruthless world of Russian show business. The diversity of the programmes keeps viewers entertained with many movies and television series. Channel One Russia Worldwide is highly recommended for its exceptional service and has a growing reputation as a must-have channel.



Founded in 2003, Soyuz is an Orthodox Russian TV station that was created with the blessing of the Archbishop of Yekaterinburg. Since 2007, it has also been available on satellite. This Russian-language channel aims to educate and introduce viewers to the values of Orthodox Christianity. Its programs are specially chosen in order to appeal to all social categories, and its broadcasts solely include information about the Orthodox Christian religion. So, if you are interested in religion or Russian culture, this channel is therefore a leading way to stay connected with the latest news related to this religious current. The television station relays news about the daily and ritual life of the various Orthodox congregations, both in Russia and in the rest of the world. Every Sunday and on special occasions, religious services, vigils and structured liturgies are programmed and broadcast live or repeated later on the day. This allows people who can’t make it to church to share in the religious experience. Sermons, reports and programs on faith and what to do in our daily lives to remain faithful to liturgical teachings are another major part of the schedule. Soyuz also devotes considerable attention specifically to the coverage of Patriarch Kirill’s activities.

Beyond its religious orientation, the channel also addresses broader themes, so believers of other denominations may therefore be interested in some programs on this television station. Issues covered include spirituality or metaphysics, while music tracks are also included in the Soyuz daily schedule.

RTR Planeta

Public broadcast entity VGTRK, RTR Planeta is a Russian general channel that launched its operations in 2002. As its name indicates, it’s vocation is to provide a global television station to those wanting an authentic Russian station wherever they may be in the world.The international arm of state television Rossiya 1 is therefore intended for a Russian speaking audience throughout the world and it is the perfect choice of channel through which both the Russophile and citizens in the diaspora can stay connected to the realities of Russia. Broadcasting from its offices in Moscow, this member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) covers several destinations in the world: Europe, Africa, Asia and also North America.
The spread of RTR-Planeta programs is general. As an international version of the Russia-1, it’s programming schedule also includes part of the programs of the latter, in some cases takes live as they happen. Coverage of Russian, European and global news also occupies an important place in programming. As such, the general channel broadcasts the news of its counterparts (including Telekanal Rossiya) featuring local and regional news bulletins. Documentaries covering various topics, ranging from health to new technologies, through the social and economy are also on this channel. Similarly, a variety of cultural programs are aired on RTR Planeta and reveal the country’s rich cultural heritage. Viewers can also follow the broadcast of TV series from Russian production companies.

RT Documentary

RT Documentary is a Russian continuous broadcast TV news channel . The chain RT Documentary broadcasts in different languages: English, Arabic, French, and of course Russian. Its objective is to offer the international community an additional image of Russia through a quite different presentation of information from that offered by the Western media.
RT Documentary information programs include comprehensive news programs at fixed times, debate programmes and columns on various themes. Whether national and international news or the latest consumer trends in Russia, most of the news is explored and examined. The viewers can also enjoy stories or investigations on matters that affect their daily lives: health, education, culture and of course sport.
RT Documentary was launched in 2005. This news channel is owned by the RIA Novosti news agency. The success of RT Documentary has been a great success as evidenced by the fact that it is, in the United States in particular, the second most popular foreign news channel and the number of regular viewers keeps growing. Although other information channels exist in Russia, RT Documentary is in sharp competition with its domestic challengers. Providing information and news continuously RT Documentary clearly has the will to compete in the field of information with other major international channels such as Al Jazeera or CNN.
RT Documentary is now accessible via the Hotbird satellite throughout Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Follow live news 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

RT Arabic

RT Arabic, or Rusiya Al-Yawm, is a Russian non-stop news television channel broadcast in the Arabic language. Founded in 2007, RT Arabic is the sister company of the international English language channel, Russia Today. The channel targets the Arabic speaking population of the world and offers a Russian perspective on global news and current affairs. The channel broadcasts from Moscow in Russia and it is owned by the Ria Novosti agency. It hosts interviews with celebrities from all fields as well as debates covering political and social issues. It also broadcasts reports on cultural life in Russia and in prominent cities worldwide. The editorial team on the channel is made up of experienced journalists, both from Russia and from the Arab world. Arab countries include: Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Yemen, Mauritania, Lebanon Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Palestine and Tunisia. RT Arabic sends teams of these correspondents throughout the Arab world. Among the well known programmes on the channel is ‘Panorama’, a weekly debate where a variety of subjects are addressed from different, sometimes controversial, points of view. Another popular programme is ‘Persona’, which features unusual personalities in the world of politics, culture or elsewhere, in their places of work or at home. The channel also offers a 3 minute press review 4 times a day. These reviews present interesting articles to Arabic speaking viewers from the Russian and international press. It pays particular attention to Russian-Arab relations.

Rossiya 24

Rossiya 24 (Russia-24 in English) is the heiress of the state TV channel Vosti. Part of the television station’s network belonging to public broadcaster VGTRK (Compagnie State television and broadcast throughout Russia), it has established its headquarters in the Russian capital, Moscow. This channel provides continuous coverage of national and international news. Its purpose is to relay the news of the world from Russia. Broadcasting in Russian, Russia-24 is intended for a Russian-speaking audience. All programming of Russia-24 consists of a relay and decryption topics making the news in Russia and around the world. The news channel has for that purpose assembled a team of journalists and correspondents dispatched both around the country and also in other countries throughout the world.
Daily and 24 hours a day, it is possible to get the news in real time, thanks to an accurate and speedy provision of information in the many bulletins. On Russia-24, a direct, comprehensive and effective coverage of everything important that happens in the world today is available where it happens, as it happens. Opinion pieces and comprehensive analysis of the most relevant events are broadcast on the air. Experts and researchers, under the supervision of experienced and professional journalists, comb through the different subjects. The themes are many and varied. These TV programs cover news in the political, geo-strategic, sporting, economic or social spheres offering a broad range of subjects combined with a depth of analysis.

TBN Rossiya (ТБН-Россия )

Part of the Russian Broadcasting Network (RBN), TBN Rossiya is a Russian television station broadcasting as a free to air channel on the Hot Bird satellite. Based out of offices in St. Petersburg, TBN Rossiya boasts an impressive editorial lineup with a focus on the promotion of Christian values. The channel is aimed at a wide audience, providing programming that will appeal to all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, with many programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Programming is designed to promote awareness of current affairs and how Christianity can be applied to everyday life, educating viewers on important principles in an accessible, easy to understand way. Although TBN Rossiya positions itself as a channel focused on instilling the messages of Christianity, there’s also a more general stream of content that covers everyday topics. Aiming to provide answers to everyday concerns and help viewers improve the quality of their life, TBN Rossiya can be enjoyed by both followers of Christianity and non-practitioners alike. Broadcasting exclusively in Russian, TBN Rossiya has built up an incredible suite of programming, from Bible study broadcasts approaching the subject from numerous angles, to more involved programming covering the history of Christianity. Committed to increasing awareness of the Christian faith, viewers can engage with documentaries, live sermons, prerecorded discussions and commentaries and in-depth analysis of important topics. There’s also plenty of light entertainment programming, including movies and music with themes based on Christianity or important topics of the day.