Established in 2005, CGNTV produces and provides inspirational Christian content to viewers around the world. We deliver His messages 24/7 on multiple platforms in order to fulfill God’s great mission to be His witness until the ends of the earth.

CGNTV promises to remain as a broadcast network that strives to reach out to the remotest part of the earth to bring Good News and touch every single soul deep in their hearts with insightful content.

Arirang World

Arirang World is a chain of historic South Korean television. It’s characterised by a good variety of programmes meeting the expectation of viewers in South Korea. Launched in April 1996, Arirang World has its headquarters in Seoul. The name of the TV channel has not been chosen at random, Arirang is a very popular song in Korea. The name Arirang World shows that this particular free channel appeals to many viewers. Arirang World is broadcast by Hotbird satellite in a number of countries including France. Hotbird 13 broadcasts Arirang World twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Check out the TV guide for a varied selection of television programmes like K-Culture Elite, Discover World, Simply K-Pop, Arirang News, Business Daily and interesting documentaries. The Hotbird satellite broadcasts programmes to France in French so more people can enjoy the Arirang World channel. Offering a contemporary vision of the country where it is based, it also appeals to Asia and other continents. Viewers have fun with the chain as this TV station makes entertainment programmes. Arirang World is a TV channel like no other due to its diversity. It offers a Korean’s vision of the world and other cultures. Arirang World plays a major role in the South Korean media landscape, showcasing the country to the rest of the world.

KBS World

Owned by the Korean Broadcasting System – South Korea’s public service broadcaster – KBS World is a general entertainment channel available free via satellite. As the international arm of the country’s television network, it stands as a bridge between South Koreans and the people of the world. To this end, it transmits a range of live or tape delayed TV programmes from the main state television stations (KBS 1, 2 KBS, KBS News) in the Korean language, with subtitles in English. In addition, depending on their location, viewers can receive broadcasts with subtitles in Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Spanish.

Since its launch in July 2003, KBS World has built its schedules around a roster of shows designed to explore the realities of South Korea, including its culture, social life and breakthroughs in new technological fields. With these guiding principles in mind, it makes available to an international audience the best programs shown nationwide by its sister channels. Viewers have the opportunity to watch news bulletins, but also to see documentaries on various themes relevant to the history and everyday life of South Koreans. KBS World also broadcasts a series of entertainment programs reflecting the country’s vibrant culture. At certain times of the day, the channel celebrates the diversity of Korean music by playing selections of tracks drawing on a variety of different genres (pop and traditional pieces). Likewise, the channel regularly airs feature films made in Korea by Koreans.