Hodhod Arabic

Première chaîne du réseau Hodhod qui est constitué de stations TV islamiques dédiées aux enfants et adolescents, Hodhod Arabic TV est le canal arabe du lot. Comme ses consœurs, elle propose des contenus pour enfants, en harmonie avec la doctrine chiite. Siégeant à Beyrouth au Liban, cette chaîne gratuite a lancé la diffusion de ses programmes en 2010, compensant ainsi le vide généré par l’inexistence de canal du genre. À son statut de pionnière, Hodhod Arabic TV a su ajouter une grille de programmes qui captivent l’attention des tout petits et apporte une véritable plus-value à leur éducation. Par sa nature de chaîne islamique basée sur le chiisme, elle propose des émissions qui enseignent aux enfants les principes de cette doctrine et les prépare à être de bons musulmans. Ceux-ci auront l’occasion de découvrir, avec un ton adapté à leur âge, la vie et les enseignements du prophète Mahomet. Ceci passe par la diffusion de catéchèses à la fois ludiques et pédagogiques. Hodhod Arabic TV inculque aussi à vos enfants les comportements citoyens à adopter pour le bien de la communauté. De même, elle leur enseigne, à travers des dessins animés, les bonnes pratiques et valeurs telles que la tolérance, la bonne camaraderie ou encore le partage. À ce titre, la chaîne accessible gratuitement sur le satellite HOTBIRD 13 est un complément parfait à l’éducation qu’ils reçoivent à l’école.

Fadak TV

Launched in February 2011 by a group of Shiite Muslims based in the United Kingdom, Fadak TV is a television channel whose mission is to popularise the Shiite doctrine to the Arab people and the wider world in general. Promoting a tolerant Islam that is very different to currents that preach violence and terrorism, the channel aims to return believers to the right path traced by the Prophet Muhammad and his first descendants. Under the leadership of Kuwaiti Shiite scholar Yasser Al-Habib, a leader and spiritual guide, presenters and others involved resources on the chain therefore cater daily to a wide audience of believers of various persuasions. Fadak TV is known for its rigorously academic approach that is always supported by research, as it seeks to deliver the Muslim faith in its original context, that of a tolerant religion.

To achieve its mission, Fadak TV broadcasts a diverse program consisting of ethical, historical readings and Islamic sermons. These include Hawza conferences and Islamic seminaries, while lectures by eminent speakers in French, Arabic, English and Persian are also regularly broadcast by the channel. By tuning into the channel on a regular basis, you can also attend weekly prayers as they are delivered in London’s Al-Muhassin mosque, as well as large collective prayers said on the occasion of major religious festivals like Eid or anniversaries of major historical figures the Muslim faith. If you want to renew your faith or learn about a tolerant version of Islam, Fadak TV is the channel for you.

Dubai Sports 3

A part of the Dubai Media Incorporated Group, Dubai Sports 3 is a fully dedicated TV channel for sports and sports only. Based in the United Arab Emirates, this 24/7 satellite channel has been operational since 1998. Like its counterparts Dubai Sports, Dubai Sports 1 & 2, Dubai Sports 3 broadcasts national and international sporting events in the Arabic language. However, it ensures broadcasting of competitions is in high definition for a variety of sports events, including football, boxing, tennis, handball, basketball, and volleyball, amongst others.

Hence, Dubai Sports 3 has gained a huge reputation and is considered as an authentic source for promoting sports in the UAE in particular and more generally in Asia and the world. It also broadcasts live national football championship matches happening in the country, as well as in the sub region. The grid of Dubai Sports 3 programs also includes a series of sports programmes in which seasoned sportsmen, renowned consultants and reputed technicians analyse and share their thoughtful views and insights on various topics related to sports.

Aside from national matches, the television station offers weekly programmes that duly inform the results of the Asian, American, and European Championships. Dubai Sports 3 also provides close-ups of the continental tournaments such as the Asian European and African football leagues. Since it has received the privilege of telecasting local as well as international sports events, Dubai Sports 3 has earned a special place in the hearts of sports lovers all over the country.

AD Sports 1

If you are a sports fan, whether you prefer football, athletics, racing, basketball or any other sport, the channel Abu Dhabi TV Sports 1 has all you could ask for. Available for live streaming online at sat.tv or via Hot Bird satellite TV, this channel, based in the UAE has a rich and diverse output of quality programming across all different types of popular sport in Europe, the middle East and worldwide. In Europe the channel is found on the Hot Bird satellite where you will find a variety of sports programming. Whether you are based in the United Arab Emirates or in Europe, this is the essential channel you need to keep up to date on all the latest news from international and Dubai based sports. Abu Dhabi TV Sports 1 covers all major sporting events including Formula 1, European football, the Red Bull Air Race, CONCACAF and European Champions League football, the Copa Libertadores, Major League Soccer, Julazemo, Studio Gulf Arab League, Volvo Ocean Racing, and major tennis tournaments etc. Abu Dhabi Sports 1 also features programmes on diverse sport discussion in addition to live and recorded programming. So now you can become an expert on Arabic sports, whichever one is your own favourite. The channel is also available in Arabic.


Founded by the businessman Tharwat Basili, CTV is the official channel of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the Arab countries. The channel broadcasts free of charge on the HOTBIRD satellite network, and has a mission to regularly inform its faithful worldwide of new developments in the Coptic faith. Guided by its Patriarch, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, the Coptic Church broadcasts all of his messages via CTV, as well as his thoughts and theological teachings, through both this channel and his online blog.
In addition to spiritual reflections drawn from the Scriptures, the channel also deals with topics concerning general news from the Coptic community. The daily program schedule includes a wide range of cultural programs and social interest programs, along with Arab drama movies, informative documentaries, patriotic presentations, songs and hymns as well as messages from the Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria. You will find all of these shows on the CTV Coptic weekly and daily schedule, allowing you to find out whatever you need to know about the Coptic church.
If you aren’t familiar with Coptic Christianity, the Alexandria Coptic church is the largest Christian community in Egypt and the Middle East. According to tradition, it was founded by the apostle Saint Mark the Evangelist, and dates as far back at the first century (it is thought to have been created in AD 42). The Coptic Orthodox Church belongs to the eastern branch of the Christian faith, but is headed by its own leader, the Patriarch of Alexandria.

Bethel TV

First launched in 1998 by the Reverend Rodolfo Gonzalez Cruz, Bethel TV is a television station owned and operated by the Global Missionary Movement, a Christian religious movement dedicated to spreading the message of Chris worldwide. Based from its broadcast base in Lima in Peru, the station has already achieved a great deal in a short time, building a committed viewer base with audiences across America, Europe, North Africa and Australia. Viewers with access to the Hot Bird satellite can watch Bethel TV and its programming slate for free, helping them keep engaged with the message of Christian principles via a diverse schedule of content. Committed to delivering the message of tolerance and peace, along with all the core values of the Christian faith, it’s a first-class source of quality religious programming.
In order to accomplish its mission, this Christian channel offers an incredibly diverse slate of programming, aimed at viewers of all ages and for audiences across the social strata. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there’s plenty of programming voicing the core values of Christianity, with testimonials and discussion shows to help viewers apply the teachings to their everyday life. Bethel TV also offers a more varied schedule of programming relating to culture, health, education and important social issues – all in keeping with biblical precepts. The content is also incredibly entertaining and engaging, with animated sessions to engage younger viewers, with programming designed for all ages broadcasting an incredibly varied schedule each and every day.

Bahrain International

A true international showcase of its country, Bahrain International television channel allows all its citizens and followers at home and abroad, to stay connected with the kingdom. It broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week via the Hot Bird satellite and is easily accessible in the Middle East, North Africa and in Europe.
Bahrain International offers a full and diverse set of programmes for the whole family. Its network of programmes includes cartoons, films and series, variety shows and documentaries. It also includes several cultural and magazine-style programmes, as well as programmes on religion. The channel offers viewers the opportunity to follow live news from Bahrain as it comes in, and to receive high quality information about the kingdom and its surrounding areas. The films and programmes broadcast on Bahrain International are creative and are from both local and international sources. The channel aims to inform as well as enrich viewer’s lives by offering an entertaining selection of cultural, political and religious programmes throughout its schedule.
By incorporating into its broadcasts the main programmes from its counterpart national channel, Bahrain International has adapted to its viewers needs, regardless of their whereabouts in the world. Its ability to show current and up to date content has made it a popular daily television choice for many households.

Alkawthar TV

Alkawthar TV is a Tehran based TV channel that appeared on the air in 2006. All of its programmes are in Arabic and run each day over a period of twenty hours. The channel belongs to the distribution network of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Alkawthar TV is particularly specialized in the broadcasting of religious and cultural programmes. Its target audience is the Arab community living in the Middle East and North Africa. The major themes discussed during its programmes aim toward promoting Shia Islam. Therefore, it mainly affects viewers from Iraq, Iran and Shia Muslims in Syria. Watch Alkawthar TV, a live TV station on the Hot Bird satellite for all the latest news and information of the Arab community. The chain ensures promoting Islam through programmes available online. They deal mainly with research and dialogue in various religious, intellectual, social and humanitarian areas. Programmes include morning prayers and Koran recitation among others, as well as a summary of the news and important events in the world. The aim is to raise awareness among viewers about the strengths of the Islamic nation and to call for unity and solidarity among Muslims to serve as one body in accordance with the text of the Koran. During the month of Ramadan, the channel hosts a number of programmes dedicated to the virtues of Ramadan. Indeed, the name of the TV channel directly refers to the name of the sacred river Al-Kawthar which literally means the river of paradise. Viewers of the Arab community can watch the programmes via Hot Bird.

Alkarma TV

Alkarma TV is an Arabic Christian channel that respects and promotes the principles of Christianity and which aims to transmit them to its audience.
A deeply religious network, Alkarma TV offers programmes in accordance with the Christian faith. It is broadcast 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the whole of the world: South America, North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Australia and Europe.

It is intended primarily for people who speak Arabic, and therefore it broadcasts in this language. The Alkarma TV schedule offers a range of varied programmes but they all have in common a Christian perspective and a respectful contemplation and examination of religion. It is designed to be a family based channel on which are broadcast in particular talk shows, cultural and other events, TV series and TV movies but also live broadcasts.

Alkarma TV also offers a series of programmes centred on the Bible that address themselves to different age groups and examines the Bible from a cultural and spiritual point of view. Other programmes are intended to advise parents on how to deal with the problems they encounter every day, to help them lead a calm and serene life and aid in preserving happy family ties.
Through its programming, TV Alkarma emphasizes prayer, discipline, worship and evangelization. This channel is intended primarily as a comfort and support to Christians, but it may also appeal to a wider audience who wants a better understanding of the Christian faith.

Alhurra TV

Alhurra TV est une chaîne de télévision d’information traitant de l’actualité du Moyen-Orient, des États-Unis et du reste du monde. Elle émet ses émissions en langue arabe. Sa particularité réside dans une équipe multiculturelle regroupant des journalistes et des experts aussi bien américains qu’arabes.
Parmi ses programmes les plus regardés, on retrouve “”Al Youm””, une émission quotidienne de 3 heures dédiée à l’actualité des États-Unis et du Moyen-Orient. Autre émission phare : “”Hunna””. Cette série d’une heure réunit des femmes du Moyen-Orient influentes qui s’expriment autour de problématiques sociales et politiques. Enfin, l’émission hebdomadaire “”Ramia Hurra”” séduit tous les amateurs de sport et met en exergue le meilleur des nouvelles sportives de la semaine un peu partout dans le monde.
Reconnus pour leurs nombreuses émissions liées à l’actualité politique et économique, les journalistes d’Alhurra TV Europe interviewent régulièrement des experts de chaque catégorie. De nombreux reportages d’image sont aussi diffusés à l’antenne tout au long de la journée. Parallèlement, grâce à ses correspondants américains et locaux, on retrouve des émissions de débats politiques autour des problématiques du Moyen-Orient. Lancée en 2004, Alhurra TV propose une information libre sur des sujets d’actualité variés. Son nombre de téléspectateurs ne cesse de croître. La chaîne propose une information complète de l’actualité avec un ton différent par rapport à la majeure partie des autres chaînes de télévision arabes comme Al Jazeera et CCTV par exemple.
Alhurra TV est disponible via les satellites Eutelsat/Nilesat et HOTBIRD en Haute Définition, 7 jours sur 7, 24H/24, depuis le Moyen-Orient, la péninsule méditerranéenne, l’Afrique du Nord et l’Europe.

Al Alam News

Hot Bird satellite TV introduces the Alalam News Channel. Launched in 2003, the year of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Alalam News Channel is an Iranian international 24-hour news network that transmits continuous programming from its studios in Tehran. Broadcasting in the Arabic language, Alalam promotes its output by emphasising its responsiveness, thoroughness and the accuracy of its information.

Very modern in perspective, Alalam News Channel offers information seamlessly, whether reporting on regional or global events. It regularly covers political issues, as well as addressing the Muslim religion from a historical and cultural perspective.

Alalam News Channel has substantial resources to carry out its fact-finding missions. It has no fewer than 50 correspondents around the world, four official offices in Tehran, Damascus, Beirut, and Baghdad and many other non-official offices in several countries. These resources and a state-of-the-art all-digital News Room allow Alalam News Channel to react instantly to what is happening in the world and to immediately offer its viewers images and reports related to topics in the news.

Alalam’s programmes focus on information, via many formats: news briefs, daily newscasts, weekly and monthly reports, analysis, etc. Politics, religion, economy and culture are among the themes covered. The channel’s objectives include examination of the roots of problems facing Muslims and discussion of potential ways to resolve them.

Thanks to the quality of its programs and its reactivity to current events, Alalam News Channel has positioned itself as a must-view channel in the Muslim world.

Al Fady TV

Though Islam is well and truly installed in Arab countries, and constitutes the main religious affiliation of people in those countries, Christianity is also very present. This is especially the case in Egypt, which has a large Coptic community. Al Fady TV was created for this very community, but this channel also broadcasts with the aim of disseminating the principles of the Christian faith throughout the Arab world and in other Arabic-speaking countries. Broadcasting from Cairo, the channel’s primary mission is to educate the Arab community about the Christian church. Every day, religious discussions are broadcast, and the various programmes on the schedule revolve around the life teachings that can be found in the Bible. Through its daily broadcasts, AL Fady TV offers so much to viewers, including preaching, spiritual guidance, testimonies and talks led by preachers and seasoned leaders in the faith. The channel also offers tailored programmes to meet the specific requirements of its target audience. This is the case, for example, with the programme that is known as “Message of grace”. This programme is designed to bring messages of peace to the everyone who lives in Muslim countries, and it is also designed to provide a spiritual companion to the various Christian Arab families as they go about their everyday lives. Other family shows such as the broadcast which is known as “witnesses cloud” enable the viewers to learn more about Bible characters through fun and lively educational moments.