Zee Alwan

An entertainment Indian channel that aims to connect India with the Arab world through showcasing the top Indian shows and series along with Arabic series.

This channel can be received in the all Middle East and North Africa region, through the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7°W satellite, and viewers can receive it for free.

Iran e Aryaee TV

Iran e Aryaee TV is an Iranian television station. Available for free, it takes a strong position as a network which champions free expression. Iran TV e Aryaee TV campaigns openly for a political system that separates religion from the state. Therefore, the network operates as an opposition media to the Islamic government of Iran. This free chain also represents a platform for all Iranians and friends of Iran, who may have fallen foul of the political system in force in that country. As its main purpose and role Iran e Aryaee TV reports on restrictions of freedom and violations of human rights taking place in Iran. The television station was launched under the leadership of Reaza Cyrus Pahlavi, heir to the throne of Persia. It is inspired by the theory of the Aryan invasion and intends to use the same selflessness that characterised the Aryans, to expose the flaws of the Islamic regime of Iran and campaign for a new system which is more democratic. By watching this Persian language channel, you have the opportunity to have a window on Iran other than the establishment media. A real forum for free expression, Iran e Aryaee TV relays objectively the political and social events of the country. The TV station brings the viewer analysts, mostly Iranian consultants and contributors, who debate on the current realities of Iran and its future. The network also addresses the current major challenges and the fight against international terrorism.

IFilm (English)

IFilm English is a movie channel that exclusively broadcasts films and TV series of Iranian origin in English. Part of the Iranian group iFilm, the channel was launched in 2010 by the government of Iran. Available in three languages including Persian, Arabic and English, the English version is aimed at English and Iranian expatriates.
On iFilm English viewers can watch a range of Persian movies and Iranian TV series in English. The channel is accessible 24/7, with daily schedules staring at 6:30 am. Various movies and TV series are repeated in succession over three eight hour loops, making it easy to catch a film or show you missed earlier in the day.
IFilm programmes in English also include games, quizzes and documentaries on arts and entertainment. With a wide range of films, the channel provides an accurate overview of film production in Iran and remains accessible via the satellite. Ultimately iFilm English is a family channel that offers a wide range of Iranian series suitable for everyone. iFilm English broadcasts Iranian cinema in English in order to reach a wider audience and also to increase exposure of the celebrated Iranian movie production culture across the English-speaking populations. The channel also features documentaries about the country as well as short films to promote understanding and knowledge about Iran in the English-speaking world.
IFilm English is available via a Hot Bird satellite package which is broadcast throughout the Middle East, Europe, Turkey and North Africa.

IFilm (Arabic)

IFilm Arabic is an Arabic television channel, which is part of an Iranian entertainment network consisting of two other channels. Each of these channels is available in its own specific language; either Arabic, English or Persian. IFilm Arabic was first broadcast in 2010. The network of programmes on the channel primarily focuses on broadcasting films and Iranian series suitable for all age groups. It does however also show a certain number of foreign films. Currently managing the channel is Mohammad Reza Hatami. IFilm Arabic broadcasts its programmes non-stop 7 days a week, with 8-hourly blocks of programme time, repeated twice in a 24 hour period. The channel is mainly directed at offering entertainment to the wider public. Viewers can for example, watch series, live game shows, documentaries about behind-the-scenes on films, and reports orientated around Iran as a country. Having earned its place in the world of cinema, particularly in Iran, IFilm Arabic offers viewers sneak previews and reports on current films, or films coming up soon. The channel mainly targets film lovers who are curious to find out about the making of films in their countries. One of the most popular programmes on IFilm Arabic is without doubt the 2013 Yadavari series, which has until now, seen unbeatable success.