Vox Music TV

First launched back in 2014, the Polish language television channel Vox Music TV is owned by Lemon Records. Its output mainly consists of clips from shows and music dating back to the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. Along with this they also play regular examples of European music, Italian Eurodance and disco tracks. However, the channel is not limited to music; one of its flagship programs, entitled Hit na Droge or On the Road, has interviews with people who work across the entertainment industry. This includes famous singers, backing musicians and DJs. The guests and the shows presenter, Konrad, sit inside a car for the duration of their chat, which includes a variety of quirky, unexpected questions.

The Vox Music TV guide shows the channels output is designed to make viewers feel good. It’s a lively station with an edgy and youthful dynamic. People can tune in to listen to tracks that remind them of their younger years, or catch up with what’s happening on the contemporary Polish music scene.

The station broadcasts 24hours a day, so people can drop by at any time. During the weekend, a presenter called Marek Sieroki delivers a show with all the latest music news from Poland and beyond. There is also a chart run down, where host Marcin goes through his top twenty songs from a variety of genres. Dance features heavily, with Vox Music TV’s regular show, Impreza, blasting out hits from the 1990’s.

Vox Music TV is a free channel that’s available through satellite TV via Hot Bird 13C.