Suryoyo Sat

Suryoyo Sat is a Sweden-based television channel broadcasting from the city of Södertälje. A part of the Syriac Universal Alliance and its member federations, the channel features programmes in the Turoyo Language. So its viewers are mostly Arameans and people from the Middle East. Suryoyo Sat recently opened a new studio in Gütersloh, Germany and the channel is telecasted in more than 80 countries.

The motto of Suryoyo Sat is simple yet inspiring! The channel believes that people have the right to process information in their own mother tongue. Regardless of where their homeland is located or where they presently reside, everyone should be aware of the national and international happenings and should take part in them. Suryoyo Sat believes in these principles and strives to bring Aramaics, who are spread across the world, together through the channel.

Suryoyo Sat offers a wide variety of programmes, catering to different tastes of its global audience. It mainly produces numerous cultural debates with a special focus on history, society and religion in addition to newscasts. And that is not all, the channel also offers a variety of shows and programmes dedicated exclusively for children. This allows people who are away from their motherland to stay connected to their roots. Hence, this channel has gained immense popularity among the Arameans across the world.

Although most of the programmes are in Turoyo, the channel also features programmes in adoptive languages such as Swedish, Dutch, English, German or French. Recommended for family viewers, Suryoyo Sat can be viewed as a free channel via Hot Bird satellite.