Sudan TV

Also known as the Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC), Sudan TV is one of the country’s six television networks. As a satellite station, it is available for free through Hot Bird. Owned and managed by the Sudanese government, Sudan TV was launched in 1962 and initially covered small pockets of Sudan, including Omdurman and Khartoum. As Sudan TV enjoyed more success, the station eventually grew larger and began to transmit programs to the entire country.

Although the channel does provide a series of English news shows, its remaining output is entirely in the Arabic language. Many of its programs originate from other Sudanese stations, but these are extremely varied with something to interest every viewer. A glance through the Hot Bird TV guide reveals that Sudan TV has regular news programs and entertainment shows for children, along with talent contests, serial dramas and documentaries on various aspects of Sudanese life. Viewers are also treated to readings and prayers from the Koran, along with shows that debate a variety of contemporary topics, including local, national and international issues. Many programs on Sudan TV are focused on the work of the army and the police force in the region.

The station is very closely linked to the country’s political leadership, and works alongside officials to ensure its output echoes government policy. Sudan TV is a channel that’s designed for everyone in the country; it provides a connection between Sudanese culture and news stories from the rest of the world.