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زبان (ها) : انگلیسی.

کشور : ژاپن.

نوع برنامه : اطلاعات عمومی.

ماهواره‌های : Hotbird & Nilesat


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NHK World TV is the international broadcasting channel from Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai. This channel, available for free on Hotbird satellite, is targeted at overseas viewers. It provides around the clock information on a broad variety of topics, including news. There are also educational programmes, and everyday entertainment shows. The slogan is NHK World TV From Japan: Your Eye on Asia. This reflects its objective to bring Asia to the rest of the world through its exciting schedule of programmes. These are particularly focused on Japanese and Asian culture and lifestyle. The current format of NHK World TV was launched in 2009. The channel has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Originally, it solely broadcast news channels. However, due to its immense success, NHK World TV offers a much wider variety of programmes to entertain its viewers. It is a highly popular channel, and attracts millions of viewers across the globe every day. NHK World TV offers news in English, which accurately report on the latest news from Asia and other countries, and presents the views of Japan. As well as news, viewers can watch all sorts of programmes, including documentaries that promote healthy discussions about everyday life of Japanese and Asian people. There are also information programmes about new technologies, culture, and sport. Programmes include Cool Japan, which illustrates Japanese culture. J-Melo, which showcases the latest Japanese music releases. Somewhere Street, is a fascinating travel programme that explores a different city each episode.

برنامۀ تلوزیونی کانال NHK World (UTC±2)

4:55 - 5:00Japanology Plus

5:00 - 5:10Newsline

5:10 - 5:40Today's Close-up

5:40 - 5:55The Signs

5:55 - 6:00Danko&danta, Cardboard Craft Creations!

6:00 - 6:10Newsline

6:10 - 6:55Gatten!

6:55 - 7:00Easy Japanese For Work

7:00 - 7:10Newsline

7:10 - 7:40Japan's Top Inventions