Armenia TV Europe

Armenia TV is a private television channel established during 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia. The station quickly gained the rights to broadcast throughout Armenia, becoming extremely popular with viewers and winning a number of awards within its first year on air.

Since October 2015, Armenia TV has been available to TV audiences throughout Europe, as one of the many channels on offer via the Hot Bird satellite. Regardless of which European country you are watching from, you can connect with Armenia TV to watch their live broadcasts and recorded shows. The station is also on offer in the United States and Russia, in fact Armenia TV is the country’s most watched television network throughout the world, largely due to the diverse nature of their shows, films and series.

With its packed schedule of programmes, Armenia TV can be compared to any other major TV channel, viewers can enjoy regular new programmes, a range of documentaries, serialised shows, comedies, and soap operas. Considered the largest of Armenia’s TV stations, the channel has obtained the rights to broadcast many major international sporting events, these include the 2002 World Cup, Wimbledon, Italian Football League games, The UEFA Cup and boxing championships from the US.

If you love films, you’ll have a great time flicking through the TV guide at Hot Bird. Armenia TV has the rights to broadcast films from two of the biggest studios in the world; Warner Bros and Universal Studios, so look out for all the latest blockbusters as well as classic movies.