Al Hayat

Al Hayat TV channel, which roughly translates as the Life TV, is a television channel which is broadcast in Arabic and which can be viewed across the world; the Middle East, North Africa, West Asia, Australia, America, Canada, and some parts of Europe.
Launched in 2003, this channel broadcasts its programmes mainly from Egypt. It has a specific mission to encourage Christianity within the region and is one of a new breed of evangelical TV channels coming from the area in support of the minority Christian Arab community. The network has a wide range of programmes, including some which fully address issue of the conversion of Muslims to Christianity. This theme is also prominent in the controversial and thought provoking programme “Daring Question” which is hosted by Brother Rachid who is probably the most famous and respected presenter in the network.
The programmes on offer at Al Hayat are widely varying in format, with debates, documentaries, an others all available, but all have in common a focus on Christianity or religion in general. The goal of Al Hayat is primarily to support the Arab Christians community in their day to day life as well as to encourage non-Christians to consider converting to Christianity.

Al Hayat TV is very much a partisan channel and its goal is to specifically target a Christian audience, or those wishing to convert to Christianity. The tone is deliberately critical of other religions, including Islam, which often creates exciting debate and regularly causes controversy.