Abu Dhabi TV

Broadcast in Arabic from the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi TV Europe is a general Arab television channel that offers diverse programs for the whole family. Its schedule of programmes features an equal amount of news and cultural coverage. A blend of game shows, news, films, television series, entertainment shows, scientific discoveries, cooking programmes, documentaries and world travel, Abu Dhabi TV Europe broadcasts a comprehensive network of programmes on a daily basis. The channel’s talk-shows are very popular among the Arab viewers, with discussions between hosts and guests reaching out to all households. The televised news broadcasts recount the daily headlines and are presented by renowned journalists. The entertainment shows are family friendly and vary between drama series and films, to variety shows and televised plays with something to suit all ages. The programmes devoted to sport are presented by sports journalists who are experts in the field. They commentate on matches, relay back results and offer their analyses to viewers. Along with 54 million households, thanks to the Hotbird satellite, you can watch Abu Dhabi TV Europe from Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Middle East and the whole of the Mediterranean basin. This general channel broadcasts in Arabic 24 hours a day 7 days a week meaning that you can enjoy it all year long.