Langue(s) : Italian.

Country : Italy.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : hotbird


TVA Vicenza on


TVA Vicenza is an Italian television channel founded in 1978. Originally known by the name of Studio A, the channel offers a selection of programmes parallel to that of a mainstream television channel. Broadcasts therefore include news, drama series, entertainment shows and programmes relating to culture, among others. Originating in Vicenza in northern Italy, TVA Vicenza was the first local television channel to appear in the town. The channel specializes in broadcasting football matches from the local club ‘Vincenza Calcio’. These matches can be found on the ‘Diretta Biancorossa’ programme, which not only shows the match of the day but also offers an analysis surrounding the match, involving players and experts. Another flagship programme on TVA Vicenza is ‘Mosaico’, which is presented by George Hüllweck. In this cultural programme, major local events are covered including fairs, festivals and annual shows on a variety of themes. The more traditional programme ‘In fondo’ offers viewers the chance to keep up to date with the main topics in the news, via guests and journalists who present structured debates to aid in the general understanding of current affairs. In the programme ‘Chiacchiere e chiacchiere’, the channel’s cameras catch up with locals about the town, to find out their opinions on current matters concerning the area.