Langue(s) : Somalian.

Country : Somalia.

Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird


Somali Cable on


Somali Cable TV is a privately owned channel broadcasting from London, available via the Hot Bird satellite. Its editorial programming devotes a significant amount of broadcasting time to covering national news and current events happening in Somalia, providing a credible source of information as events unfold. Somali Cable offers up-to-the-minute insights on developments from across the globe, including political news, economic updates and social and cultural affairs. A dedicated team of experienced journalists and technicians work tirelessly to provide a steady stream of quality programming, with modern broadcasting equipment and state of the art studios to ensure a diverse slate of programming of the highest quality. Somali Cable TV prides itself on developing innovative, more original programming to keep viewers engaged and provide them with premium programming, every day. Broadcasts are incredibly deserve, while always maintaining a signature stamp of quality to ensure they’re instantly recognisable. Somali Cable TV is committed to covering all the events in Somalia, even the more turbulent and challenging items on the agenda. Viewers of this free channel can watch the latest news updates and magazine programming about the most pressing issues in Somalia, often accompanied by discussions and commentaries by dedicated analysts, consultants and media personalities from civil society and the political world. In addition to this, the television channel has a more varied slate of programming for viewers to enjoy, including religious programming and shows about the local culture. Through its varied programming schedule and accessible broadcasts, Somali TV allows viewers to delve right in the heart of the country and its culture, wherever they are in the world.